Monday, October 17, 2011

These photos are wild, like the lady: Rick Taylor's astute machine-eye and my frantic production.

I dug out my robes (hand washed by Mother) for Saturday evening's performance at Foam Café on Strand Street. This photographer is insane. I have done a whole load of work with him before, if you count him turning up to shows with the machine, plus a ton of play-modeling and spontaneous photoshoots (here, here, here).

The passion of St. Blackbird

These recent photos (all taken in the last two weeks) are wild.


And to be honest, I'm pretty proud of my work as represented by these images.
It's kind of incredible.


Material Girl

I've been loving a new act which I've performed twice in it's completed form.
I've picked up a neat trick from circus school...
Captured at Bella's Mexican Day of the Dead show.

My solo silks routine from Paperdolls which I performed at Bella's show in the Sugar Club on Friday.

Rick Taylor can be and should be contacted via his website:

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