Wednesday, April 28, 2010


What's this? It's further process... and it's all in the build up for Sinner's Circus on the 7th May and Blackbird's much anticipated solo debut!

'Blackbird is actually a chameleon. As much a performer today as a writer this evening as a bike mechanic tomorrow with as many faces to match, Blackbird is musician and artist Emily Aoibheann's adopted performative pseudonym, an avine aspiration from the burgeoning aerialiste. Having begun her public career in the much loved all woman band 'Party Weirdo' as the celebrated drummer, Blackbird's musical and theatrical interest – as well as a strict determination to involve herself in surreal, abundant and collaborative environments – has drawn her down the bright alley of burlesque and cabaret, a branch of performance art that suits the dark-bird for its controversy, dynamism and gaudy glamour, a site of satire, mutability, ingenuity, a playground for those grown-ups who long for Mammy's dress-up-basket, or another world'.

photo©Hannah-Clare Gordon

Thanks to artist Sarah Sheil for her amazing skills and generous attitude and photographer Ross Waldron for taking some snaps of the heft of process! I'm so excited.

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