Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party Weirdo: Photos

Some lovely photos unearthed of myself and Cara Holmes performing as the aforementioned Party Weirdo some time ago. My entrepreneuring and artistic enthusiast friend Daniel Doran a.k.a. Livewire took these at Kennedy's, Dublin, when we supported the band Trost in 2007!

Rococo: an eye patch.

I don't want the massive stage in An Grianan Theatre to go to waste, so I'm hurriedly composing a new number for Friday night's show... through one eye. This morning I had a nasty entanglement with a freshly sharpened eye-liner pencil and, casting caution to the wind, I forged ahead with the day's aerial training only for the eye-skratchin' to gradually get worse and worse. Finally, I found myself stumbling to my GP, begging the hesitant receptionist to see the doctor while clutching at my eye screaming: "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!!??????". Got some eye drops and nifty patches and I'm feeling hopeful that the show can go on as it must! Further, thanks to the help of some of my friends, it shall be very stylish indeed... with optional dodgy eye patch. Think hoop skirts and chocolate with some feather fans thrown in for good measure.

I trust I'm on the mend when I can take posy photos of myself in a wig like this and a dodgy eye patch and still feel relatively positive about my near future.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blackbird's Donegal Debut!

Blackbird's Donegal Debut!

Friday 27th May
An Grianan Theatre

Saturday 28th May
Cabaret Craicailte!
Hiudai Beag's pub
An Bun Beag,
Gaoth Dobhair

Sean-nós, Connemara squeeze box music and eh, me...


What exactly is The Crash Cabaret? A choice concoction of music, performance, spoken word, magic (of the theatrical variety), madness and a sprinkle of mayhem, all in the name of Old Fashioned Live Entertainment, followed by a selection of local superstar DJs spinning classic tunes for your dancing delectation.

Coming to the Crash Cabaret in May... An Eclectic Picnic!

Featuring... Neo Burlesque Superstar ST. BLACKBIRD!

I deleted the rest because frankly, who cares after that? It's all about me folks, from now on! (Like it wasn't before? This damn thing isn't called Narcissus for nathin'.)

An Grianán Theatre

Port Rd, Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland Box Office 074 91 20777 (Int: + 353 74 91 20777)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It was like a life-treat today when I popped into the garden to see the green tips of my lettuce and spinach seeds which I planted a few weeks ago. I've never tried my hand at gardening but Nightingale Jennifer Evans had some spare broccoli and cabbage and offered to help me cultivate my new, substantial garden. It was a lot of work. De-weeding and long-grassing first, then the big dig. The ground was full of waste from cowboy builders. We dug up plastic pipping and particles and all sorts of other junk, but also lots of worms. Two spunky robins came to take advantage of the disturbed soil and hung around our shovels most of the day. As the garden is largely occupied with builder materials and leftovers, we used a crate to construct a raised bed and some slates that were idle and rocks we unearthed to make an anti-snail fortress and keep it nice and contained. Suspiciously, there are no snails to be seen despite the wildlife we've been assured exists in our garden.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Griff pics: Poseur

Some more really nice portraits taken by Peter Griffin of Griff pics in the ever grimier changing room at the Good Bits, Store St. We plan on taking a few photos of this nature each time both of us wind up in the joint, since the success of the first portrait he took of me there - a personal favourite. These ones remind me of film stills or movie stars. Nice.

Ella Burke: The Parade

The warehouse we've been training ad-hoc in the last few months is becoming a creative hub with artist Ella Burke building her structures and assembling her parade, us girls doing our slow training off the roof and some boys carving festival furniture in the back.

Yesterday, Ella invited us aerialist girls to heft around some of her human plaster casts in a sing-song parade round Dublin's Blackpitts. Part of the pre-display and renegade exhibiting of her newest work, a team of friends gathered to take part in the protest non-protest or parading of the sculptures from Blackpitts to St. Patrick's Cathedral and back. The sculptures were heavy enough, but between two people were manageable. We tired to identify which cast belonged to what person, and I admired the results considering the difficulties experienced during the casting procedure which had been recounted to me. Apparently, it's not uncommon for people to faint while getting body cast, and as far as I know all of the models on this occasion did so, a few times.

So off we went, in great merriment and form, not really knowing what to expect from the venture. It was nice to see people's reactions in the street and to glance at our reflections passing over windows in buildings and cars, a parade of James Larkin mimics in the female form, taking to the streets, hands aloft. A number of good voices among the revelers carried us along in tune. Passing by the aforementioned 'Bohemia' shop, the lady clerk came out the door to ask us, "Is it a guillotine for all them foreigners?" (On the way back she posed us the same question en francais).

I felt quite empowered in this our sudden parade and could easily have been encouraged to stop traffic in a moment of radical mischief and spectacle and high spiritedness.

Onwards to St. Patrick's Cathedral where we stopped for a photo or two round a waterless feature before the sky opened with some water of its own and the wind came with it. We lost one lady at the back when the structure gave way, but help was at hand and she arrived back just a little shorter than before minus her stilts. The wind and rain felt quite good, a bit of bluster added to the parade's sense of sudden spectacle and improvised carnival. Once we got back I was sad to not partake in cigarettes and coffee since I'm avoiding such luxuries, but I did have some of Ella's also finely sculpted box'o'flap jacks. Good job!

Ella's ladies final stop will be the Royal Hibernian Academy for the Annual exhibition opening on the 21st May.