Monday, February 28, 2011

Lust of Pig and the Fresh Blood

Late night blog trawling when I discover this picture I took of Laura (Sheeran) trying on the Ghetto-bling vestment mentioned here. See her distracting tumblr here and awesome horror blog here. Laura is launching her debut album Lust of Pig and the Fresh Blood on April Fools, the first day of the month. She is such a brilliant, complex musician, an industrious, artistic dynamo. Can't wait to see the record in the flesh!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

On matters visual.

This weekend Robyn of electronic band Catscars celebrated the launch of her debut, self recorded album entitled, 'Construction'. During the Summer a few years ago, Robyn and Niamh (a.k.a. Angkorwat) spent an afternoon letting me boss them around while I took photos and videos on the roof of my house, an image of which is featured in the sleeve of the record. The video became visuals for my Cixous Ghost project as posted about here. It's been ages since I've taken any photos or had time for film making, but I'm currently resurrecting a few video projects from the last two years and giving them an airing.

Lisa's Binding Television, a video piece created in collaboration with Jane Austen R.I.P. (Angeline Chirnside and second member of Avanti Maria!) featuring performer and activist Lisa Connell, will be screened as part of 'Turn The Light On' one day art and film festival taking place on the 6th of March in the Exchange, Dublin.

Here's the blurb:

A video piece with numerous soundtracks, Lisa's Binding Television (2010) was originally filmed in collaboration with musician Jane Austen R.I.P. as visual accompaniment for two shows in Japan and her native New Zealand. The film depicts Lisa Connell, a drag and cabaret performer and a gay rights activist, binding and unbinding her breasts in a ritualistic fashion as is common for male impersonators in preparation for performance. Edited to the rhythms of a random playlist, snippets of the editing process are accidentally captured in the final cut, emphasising the various synchronous possibilities of interaction between visual and audio and the organic interconnection of both.

Lisa's Binding Television
by Emily Aoibheann
The Exchange, Dublin
March 6th, from 10am
Screenings from 14.30pm until 15.20pm (provisional)

Black Rabbit Cabaret/ Dr. Sketchy's

(Tank girl by Aine Macken, as created at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, Feb 2011)

After much performative posing success this weekend, the beautiful and industrious Scarlett Nymph has invited me to take part in The Black Rabbit Cabaret event happening on the 12th of March in the Good Bits on Store Street. Comprised of entirely UK performers including the astounding Ryan Styles and Mister Joe Black, the Black Rabbit Cabaret will be an extraordinary evening of performance, comedy, spectacle, theatrics and fun. Hosted by Dublin's Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, I'll be contributing with some posh posing for the pens of punters with feather fans and beautiful corsetry, Oo-er! I expect it will be a fantastic event with a cast of unique and wonderful characters, with many a tale and a trick to seduce an Irish audience.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23rd February 1984

Hurpdeday Burpdadoo!
It's my birthday today... Declan Kelly made me this! Thanks to my Mam and my Dad and all the friendly ones sending me birthday greetings, best wishes, rice crispies, cake and kisses. And a very Happy non-Birthday to you all who's birthday it is not!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tank!: Process

You may remember Stephen Coffee from Blackbird's Tattooed Lady project mentioned here. Well, the little genius has gathered the IADT student model maker troops, including his fellow students John Daly, Clare Byrne and Paddy Hoyne, to help us performer folk out for Bella's Steampunk Night happening this Friday at the Sugar Club. The Institute of Art, Design and Technology brainiacs have not only put their hand to creating some extraordinary props for two of Azaria Starfire's acts, but have gone out of their way to provide Dublin's Tank Girl (that's me in case you didn't realise) with amazing explosive pasties, armory, bullet accessories and well... an actual tank! (small as it may be).

Hand crafted by the fairly bloody clever Paddy Hoyne (previously, incorrectly, ashamedly accredited to another person who didn't make any tanks...), you gotta check this baby out!

Wow! Girl got a Tank.

Having adopted the somehow fitting title of Black Rat Productions, I do believe we may have a few far reaching and aspiring creative gems on our hands. Keep a cinematic and theatrical eye on these imaginative dynamos. In the meantime:

Bella's Steampunk Show
25th Feb 2011
The Sugar Club
Doors at 8pm

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blackbird's "Faces"

Enough about Tanks, kangaroos and comic books, Steampunk aint nothing without some Victorian music hall inspired ambiguous gender and surreality, with a little comedy for the sport.

"And now ladies and gentlemen a very special treat, for those of you who are connoisseurs of elegance and top class style... "


@ Bella's Steampunk Show
25th February
The Sugar Club
€15, 8pm

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Catholic Glitch: The Mingle Market

I will be selling authentic religious/ priest vestments and other Catholic paraphernalia at the Mingle Market,
February 13th at the Food Co-op.

Above, my Fr. Blackbird performance at the Pony Girls' Sideshow Cabaret in November, modeling a particularly ghetto bling vestment in the 'Gothic style'. The elaborate emblem is on the back of the garment as during this period, the priest would face away from his congregation during the mass. Eventually, this mode of presentation was changed to be more social, and so the Roman style vestment was introduced along with a new style of delivery, where the priest would face towards his audience. This is all recycled information, so unfortunately I can't be more specific. Of course, all the vestments have a long, rich and elaborate history, from class fashion in the sixth century to my gran-aunts voluntarily hand sewing religious garbs in Phibsboro once a week. Haute Couture Vestments.

Since it's a fancy dress market, I get to wear an item I have been aesthetically drawn to, despite its simplicity: the cassock or 'soutane' - a black ankle length gown which, although still worn today by Priests and Deacons (and in various style according to position of power), was popular among the Christian Brothers in 1930s Ireland. A Roman cassock has buttons down the front, sometimes thirty-three to symbolise each year Jesus lived (so the wiki page says).

A striking cassock association I have is with the charismatic "Singing Priest" Fr. Michael Cleary as captured in the brilliant Rocky Road to Dublin (1967 documentary) by Peter Lennon and Raoul Coutard. It was revealed posthumously that Cleary had a child with his long term housekeeper Phyllis Hamilton. Unfortunately, so wiki says, even though Cleary's paternity had been proven by DNA testing, the remaining Cleary family refused to acknowledge his son.
This is an iconic still from the film where the Singing Priest is joking and smoking with two grave diggers.

Unsurprisingly, the cassock has been adopted by 'Goth' enthusiasts and other gloomy kids. After all, the imposing formality and blackness of the rather dramatic garb is associated with sinister Christian Brothers, domineering priests and nasty characters like the evil Brother John played by Iain Glenn in Song for a Raggy Boy (Dir. Aisling Walsh, 2003).

But don't be scared, the Mingle Market will be full of bright lights and good music, friendly marketeers and decorative treats, and a friendly lady in a priest's cassock with an unusual stall...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.

The inevitable outcome of my historical tank Girl preoccupation, and a second performance of the Tank extravaganza that will be my personal adaptation of the Steampunk aesthetic on the 25th of Feb (see post below), you can now have an entire weekend of Tank Girl nostalgia and over-saturation!

On Saturday the 26th, between 3pm and 6pm, myself and my REAL, life size, prosthetically enhanced Kangaroo human-animal-hybrid boyfriend will be striking some poses for those with pencils, paper and an anti-artistic eye. That's right, an afternoon dedicated to those who like to draw. This will be the second Dr. Sketchy's I've done and I'm really looking forward to it. The last time it was a post-apocalyptical zombie world with violent, flesh eating, fetishistic, militaristic chaos with a teaming mass of NCAD students. Tank Girl seems like an appropriate follow up. More cigars, less students, some "explosive" pasties and peroxide blonde compulsion for a very productive and fun Saturday afternoon.

Come see me twice (three times actually, two numbers on the 25th - clues coming soon!):

Bella's Steampunk Show
25th February
The Sugar Club
8pm - 11pm

Tank Girl and Booga
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School
26th February
3pm - 6pm