Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Somethin' Specials!

Somethin' Specials from Meabh Redmond on Vimeo.

Somethin' Specials was an all-female live group performance devised by artists Meabh Redmond & Niamh Murphy and was co-curated by Amanda Coogan for The Straylight Performance Weekender as part of the Darklight Film Festival 2009.

The piece was developed in collaboration with twenty performers, a mixture of actors and non-actors and was the result of the process of call and repeat. This method asks that the learning of the piece be by the repetition of an audio recording rather than from a written script. The piece was built using a minute long audio sample taken from a How-to-learn-New-York-accents CD and was performed on Smithfield Plaza for the opening of the festival in October 2009.

2.13 and 2.33 babies!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Ok, so I just finished a scathing article for Butcher Queers about how I find people with cameras sinister, but like lots of complex phenomena there are positives as well as negatives. In this case, I believe photography can elevate the soul in the best possible way. I really thought that the photos of Double Rainbow from the LoveCats big event in the Village couldn't get any better.

These photos taken by Ronan Shaw


Make me really Happy.

As A Double Rainbow should.


Dolly Wilde: Inspirational Women Poster Book

The new zine, 'Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women,
curated by Melanie Maddison.

Melanie Maddison of fanzine Colouring Outside the Lines has produced a new fanzine to which I have contributed a poster, dedicated to Dolly Wilde, niece of Oscar Wilde. She has also asked me to submit a poster for the next edition, which I really look forward to starting.

After much effort and deliberation, this was my final submission to the current edition:

I found Dolly a really hard person to illustrate. From what little I know of her, she was an elusive character, someone I would have been absolutely enamoured with and intimidated by, an effect sophisticated, glamourous and extremely intelligent women tend to have on me. The elements I love about Dolly are her performative pursuits (she was well known for her impersonations of her uncle Oscar), her sense of humour (she was a famously witty woman), her self-indulgence, her commitment to living luxuriously (even if that meant having no financial independence worth talking about and having severe addiction issues), being in an openly gay and polyamorous relationship for most of her life, for driving an ambulance in WWII (she loved driving motor cars really fast!), for never documenting her writing and inadvertently protesting the privilege of written text over oral history (very important for me and one of the main reasons I decided I wanted to depict her in a poster for Melanie's fanzine).

I really cannot wait to get my copy of this fanzine from the UK (where Melanie is based) and I hope to eventually have some for selling too. Let me know if you would like a copy:

Here are some of the many posters/ images I created whilst trying to figure out how best to depict Dolly, from my point of view:

Rag 5.

I am proud to present the fifth glorious edition of RAG magazine, being launched in Dublin on the 20th November at Seomra Spraoi, Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre.

RAG are a political group of Anarcha-feminists, that is women who identify both as anarchists and feminists (that's me!), who meet weekly, organise social meetings, events, discussions and produce an annual magazine.

This is our fifth edition and for this issue, I have written an article about burlesque, entitled "The Contentious Strip: Observations on Nudity and Sexuality in Dublin's Burlesque Scene" where I interview several of my favourite femmo burlesquers as well as discuss my own experiences and how I have come to choose cabaret and burlesque as a mode of expression.

I also interviewed Sally Outen from Feminist burlesque troupe Lashings of Ginger Beer (, co-wrote an article on New Media with Angela Nagle, interviewed Chella and Sarah of Adventures in Menstruating fanzine ( and co-ordinated lots of original artwork from women illustrators and artists, including my friendly babe Julia Duff ( and my new favourite, the talented Emma Wilson (who's illustration appears on our poster, above).

We like to throw a hoolie every year once the the hard graft is over and the beautiful magazine has been produced. Of course, both the party and the magazine get better every year (at least thats the idea) so this year, inspired by my presence in the group, we have decided to host a queer anarchafeminist cabaret!

I am extremely excited to annouce the line-up and plans for the night: an evening of performance, feminists reading, celebrating dancing, food and fun!

20th November
Seomra Spraoi
6pm for food
9pm for performances with popcorn and cake
Kids welcome
Fancy Dress Encouraged
Dancing til late
8euro donation including a copy of the magazine

Confirmed appearances from:

Mistress of Ceremonies: JELL O'FISH (Rag member)
Deirdre and Jonah (Acro performance/ song singing)
Oscillate Wildely (Queer Boylesque)
Apollonia Tribal Bellydance
Coin Operated Girls (Starring the wonderful D4 Von Teese and Donegal Catch)
The LoveCats' Azaria Starfire (Burlesque/ Comedy)
Leanne Harte (Queer Singer Song writer)
Blackbird (That's me, I'm a Ragster)
The Beast Woman and the Crash Test Cabaret Troupe (Comedy and Burlesque)
Julian Mandrews (The gorgeous gay and rather daper drag king)
Jennifer Evans (Amazing singer and guitarist)
And last but not least:
Prima Ballerina and the Renegade Dancer (Comedy)


Nicky Teegan's Crude Music.


This project is concerned with our fundamental need for communication. The hand built instruments act as a vehicle to link people together through the use of sound experimentation. It serves as a tool in building temporary autonomous communities and permanently binding them together on this single document.

The instrument is passed amongst different individuals for a certain period of time, in which the user can create a unique composition that will be recorded onto a cassette tape. The instrument will then be passed onto another user, alongside the original tape. They will be given the same instructions to use the instrument for the same period of time.

When a new composition is recorded it will be edited back onto the first tape and passed onwards, creating layers of sound, and bringing the lines of communication closer together. The overlaying compositions will be edited together to create one unique composition. As it will be all recorded onto one cassette tape, the composition will also have phantom sounds of the past recordings within the tape. The project is designed to evolve through each new user.

All tapes are edited together and all of the people involved will be posted the final edited cassette tape will be posted to each contributor.

Butcher Queers.

Months ago, Will St. Leger invited me to contribute to the fanzine Butcher Queers (written about previously), for which he is responsible, as compiler and curator. I was absolutely flabbergasted and overjoyed to be invited to contribute to this publication, no exaggeration. Butcher Queers is a brilliant fanzine, with content that has impacted upon me for months sometimes. The last issue was totally sexy, with beautiful nude boys and hot animal hybrids (my favourite). Coincidentally so, for the forthcoming issue I have written about a beautiful boy familiar to some of you who read this blog, Narcissus and all that the Narcissistic myth has evoked in me. I have also submitted a number of photographs, which I'm really excited to see in print!

Writing this article for Butcher Queers was a tremendous challenge. Sometimes my creative fragmentation is troublesome. When I gotta write I don't feel like a writer, when I gotta drum I don't feel like a drummer and so forth. But as per usual, synchronicity worked its magic and I was provided with what I needed. A late night conversation, a little more time and a few more life experiences and I was ready to comment in writing about something that matters greatly to me, as an individual and as a performer. I really hope some of you come to the launch, pick up the magazine (of which there are only 1000 individually numbered copies) or download a pdf version from

The magazine launch is taking place on:

Thursday 25th November,
Panti Bar, Capel Street.


The extensive and beautiful documentation of Double Rainbow.



Photos by Patricia McCormack:

With Tom Riddle:

And the LoveCats:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blackbird in a hutch

Blackbird is building up some gig-steam at this stage and will be performing tomorrow night at Bunny's Hutch @ Panti Bar on Capel St.

I've been a fan of Bunny's cabaret night since the start, I even made her a fan video which I haven't uploaded yet, but this is the first time I'll have performed with her so I'm über excira! Myself and Lisa (Donegal Catch) are performing together again, doing two acts, a new drag act and The Passion of St. Blackbird. Lisa will be doing her freshly debuted Riot Grrrl number which is absolutely hilarious and really fun. Come and see us!

St. Blackbird and Donegal Catch
Bunny's Hutch @ Panti Bar, Capel St.
Free entry


Woman in a que:

"Weight Watchers are even worse than the other ones Michael. They have even more fatty contents than those others. They just say '1 point' on them you know. It's a scam Michael!"

"You know Michael, I would give my right arm for a packet of Sensations. Oh no, no I couldn't no, not after the weekend - my skin was breaking out, all over my chin, no I really couldn't."

"I'll just get one pack."

Cannibalistic cupid: Love is...

Some great images from Lolita Lush's Gorlesque show which happened on the 28th October just in time for Halloween! They don't depict the climax of the narrative, but I'll tell you now it got appropriately gory when things turned nasty for ol red winged Death... As far as the audience was concerned I was eating a real heart, from a cow or something. Awesomely effective heart cake courtesy of Siobhán and Epiphany DeMeanour who appears here as Death itself. Believe me, being embraced in her inspired Isis wing-costume was highly evocative. There were a few technical hitches, and naughty Kate Turner snapped me doing my quick change behind Epiphany's cloak... erp! Cheeky photographers!

I'm noticing I have very elongated hands and feet. What Mother has called 'Italian toes'. I think I look like an amphibian in these images, an oceanic human-hybrid. The Italian-toed, feather-winged Cupid fish. Hah.

Photos by Ross Waldron, Karin Hammer and Kate Turner