Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PaperDolls Process III.

PaperDolls: A storm is fast approaching.

Paper Dolls (Taster) by

Lighting meeting with PaperDolls, Noelle and Max!
Costume discussions with Jacinta Jardine, costumier extraordinaire!
Jacinta is also collaborating on our visuals with Susan Walsh
(see below).
You can see more of Jacinta's incredible work here.
Stormy skies brew outside the stormy activity inside the Complex!
Working away, our team of 20+ people begin constructing the maze!
And testing lights...
The bones of Nicky Teegan's wall smashing installation! Love.

Elaine moving some lights in danger of being kicked!
Nicky mapping and planning.
The Complex, populated by the 'Paperdolls'!
The Maze starting to come together...
Run through after run through, embracing the chaos...

Emily, Karen and Niamh doll working hard and building muscle!
Some scary scary visuals from awesome artists Susan Walsh and Jacinta Jardine! Drama! Panic!
Read more about some of Susan's fascinating work here and Jacinta's here.

Special thanks to our maze construction volunteers: Matty McMahon, Erin Hermoza, Stephen Jack, Jonas Wall, Declan Kelly and Tara Barden and the others who's names I didn't catch your work is MUCH appreciated!

On Sunday, PaperDolls had a brief rehearsal in the Back Loft studios - yet another venue now officially riggable! Look out for classes here in the near future :)

Niamh and Elaine run through a scene...

'Paperdolls' by PaperDolls
Music by Laura Sheeran
The Complex, Smithfield

Preview, Wednesday 14th
Opens Thursday 15th - Monday 19th
8pm - 9pm

Friday, September 9, 2011

PaperDolls in the Stripe!

Remember The Stripe photoshoot I mentioned in my last PaperDolls process blog? Well here is the published result (available for free in Dublin city). We were REALLY looking forward to seeing the results and wow - they are awesome! Donegal man and photographer Malcolm Mc Gettigan did a super job. We hope to get copies of these photos as the more flexible we get, the better the photos get! Hah! And we are definitely more flexible than way back when the lovely Will Eames worked his magic for our promo shot - the results of which are still awesome. Speaking of - we have blown up some of those images by the young Will Eames and started (slowly) plastering them around town. Look out for my favourites (below)! While I'm scanning stuff, might as well scan a few a these things too. These are bits of my favourites (scanner aint big enough so you'll just have to go look for the real thang). (Also, just noticing my hair is longer...)

ELAINE DOLL the wonderful:

And the two knicks, myself EMILY and KAREN DOLL (there are two pairs of pants in the original - ghah! I've got the mad eye in this one, awesome):

Can't leave out our NIAMH DOLL and the fish-eye Karen Doll again:

Wow this is an adventure.

It's approaching...

It's getting very very close.

15th - 19th September
The Complex, Smithfield
as part of ABSOLUT Fringe

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Business Post, September 4th 2011

Not a bad couple of photos for what felt like the slowest photoshoot EVER! Not sure where the "We aim to tease" message came from, but the article is a good one. Journalist Joanne Hayden gave us some good press, evening tripping along to the Burlesque and Cabaret Social Club on the 19th where I was performing the Sugar Club's first ever aerial act! J. Hayden writes of my act:

At the Burlesque and Cabaret Social Club, she performs a solo piece on an aerial rope, an act striking for it's beauty, simplicity and strength.

OOO! Good review.

P.S. Only NINE DAYS 'till 'Paperdolls' at ABSOLUT Fringe!

Buy your tickets here darlings!:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh no Love! You're not alone!

Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth
You pull on your finger, then another finger, then your cigarette
The wall-to-wall is calling, it lingers, then you forget
Ohhh how how how, you're a rock 'n' roll suicide

You're too old to lose it, too young to choose it
And the clocks waits so patiently on your song
You walk past a cafe but you don't eat when you've lived too long
Oh, no, no, no, you're a rock 'n' roll suicide

Chev brakes are snarling as you stumble across the road
But the day breaks instead so you hurry home
Don't let the sun blast your shadow
Don't let the milk float ride your mind
They're so natural - religiously unkind

Oh no love! you're not alone
You're watching yourself but you're too unfair
You got your head all tangled up but if I could only
make you care
Oh no love! you're not alone
No matter what or who you've been
No matter when or where you've seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I've had my share, I'll help you with the pain
You're not alone

Just turn on with me and you're not alone
Let's turn on with me and you're not alone (wonderful)
Gimme your hands cause you're wonderful (wonderful)
Gimme your hands cause you're wonderful (wonderful)
Oh gimme your hands.