Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hotpress Magazine

Turns out I am featured in the current Hotpress magazine: Full page image of Double Rainbow and a double hit of the Walrus gent. Photographic products of my ongoing collaboration with photographer Will Eames, great to see them published.

Also featured is the work of Ross Waldron, Bella a Go Go, Postmodern Sleaze, Sedition Inc. and Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair!

The featured article is by Roe McDermott, a Rocky Horror kid, who does a thorough job of questioning the more complex dynamics of Burlesque theatrics, underneath the playful sexualities explored by Burlesque performers in Dublin. It's a discussion that certainly needs a voice and I am delighted to have contributed to the article. I have also written about my perspectives in Rag magazine, issue 5, available from independent book stores around Dublin city and online.

Personally, I still hold a candle for the energy and vibrancy of the cabaret scene in Dublin. However, in terms of performance possibilities, I would like to see and contribute to the development and expansion of the genre, testing boundaries and exploring new directions, all the while being conscious and engaged.

Maybe the kindly folk at Hotpress will give me and Will a job as they seem to like our work so much... woop!

Ship Ahoy!: Bella A Go Go's Steampunk Show

Some memories and insights...

Bella's Steampunk Show from St. Blackbird on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Portrait: Griff Pics

Portrait taken by Peter Griffin backstage at the Good Bits after the Tank madness of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.

What Peter wrote about this photo on his blog:

“Would you mind not using the flash…?” words that could invoke blind panic in a photographer, especially me. You see, ever since I started taking photos of people a couple of years back I’ve almost always relied on some kind of flash to light the scene or the model. Whether it’s a studio or location shoot I’ve gotten used to having some kind of flash to help me.

So when Emily Aoibheann uttered those very words I did have a momentary weakness as I realised I was going to have to think differently.

The location was a small dark dressing room in Dublin venueThe good Bits where Emily had just finished a sting modelling as ‘Tank Girl’ for Dr. Sketchy’s Dublin. So the only light I had was a table lamp off to the right of the camera. Luckily I had a 50mm f/1.8 lens on the camera!

I love this shot, it’s one of my favourite portraits that I’ve shot so far. Its very simple, a natural, easy shot with a beautiful model. This ‘no flash’ thing? Well maybe it’s not a bad idea after all!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black Rabbit Cabaret/ Dr. Sketchy's

Having already shared a stage with the captivating Joe Black, I am truly delighted to be part of the Black Rabbit Cabaret taking place in Dublin next Saturday. Not only do I get to consort with the UK royals of cabaret and theatre, but I also get to share the spotlight with one of my favourite ever cabaret artistes, Mr. Ryan Styles - his website is worth a gander. I adore him. So, post-nuclear tank loving heroine one week, 1930s damsel with fans the next. This is a show not to be missed.

Follow us down the Rabbit hole
Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Dublin at The Black Rabbit Cabaret

On 12th March 2011: Dr. Sketchy's Dublin will be staying out late, we've got a date.. with The Black Rabbit Cabaret and we're very excited. Grown up glamour and decadence, over two stages and with international acts to inspire and entertain and we want you to join us!

On Saturday night, The Good Bits, Store Street is the place to be - where rules can be broken and no one will tell. For one night only, this infamous club will transfer you to the immoral nightlife of the Prohibition offering you weird and wonderful entertainment, cocktails, champagne and cabaret, spinning crazily from a glamorous location deep in the underground night life of Dublin.

  • Incorrigible and unrestrained performances from The Lipsinkers: Featuring Ryan Styles, Blanche du Bois, Lisa Lee, John Sizzle and Richardette
  • The delectable and dangerous Miss Roxy Velvet
  • The Award Winning cast of The Fitzrovia Radio Hour presenting “Beware of the Dark!” – a genuine gothic horror story
  • Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Dublin - Cabaret Life Drawing Hosted by Mishell Noir with model Blackbird

Hosted by the enigmatic Black Rabbit himself: Mister Joe Black

And spinning the discs:
The infamous Gay Bingo’s John Sizzle, & Richardette from the wonderous London clubs Radio Egypt and 333, playing those tunes you know it’s so wrong to love...
Dublin’s own DJ KXB & DJ Seán John!

Get dolled up, honey - dance through the night at the wildest gin joint with the notorious and the strange...

Tickets available now from

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School: Tank Girl and Booga

Some samples of the sketching skills demonstrated at last Saturday's Dr. Sketchy's Tank Girl and her Kangaroo-human-hybrid boyfriend special sessún. The first image by Jonathan Byrne and the water colour by Aine Macken are my personal favourites. There were plenty more on the day, but not all of them have been digitalized. I sometimes find myself hating the plethora of photography, photographs and documentation technology in my environment; the illustrations make for a refreshing change, although I know for a fact that photographer Griff took some stunning photographs of the event. I was lamenting the transient 1990s dyke stylings I was rocking that day and Griff obliged me with some beautiful backstage portraits for the record. I'm really looking forward to seeing those images again.

I will be posing at the next Dr. Sketchy's event, The Black Rabbit Cabaret on Saturday March 12th.

Jonathan Byrne:
Andrew Keane:
Aine Macken:
Sarah Louise: