Sunday, July 31, 2011

PaperDolls Dr. Sketchy's Party!

On Sunday 7th of August we will be hosting a very special event in the Complex, Smithfield, in collaboration with Dr. Sketchy's, to raise money for and promote our ABSOLUT Fringe show. With performances from PaperDolls, the gorgeous Bella A GoGo and pole dance extraordinaire Arlene Caffrey this will be an event in itself and a great chance to meet our team of young creatives. Added to the bill are the extraordinary ACROBANDITS who will be demonstrating their burglary and balancing skills on the night.

BYOB, your sketch books and colouring pencils and be exhibited in the Complex II as part of our ABSOLUT Fringe show, plus be in with a chance of your art becoming part of the show! As with all Dr. Sketchy's events, this is a non-photography event. If you wish to take photos of the performances, please contact us in advance.

Tickets €10 plus donations of love!

Watch out! Our tall bikes may be rallying around the Complex!
Crafted by Barry Semple, Nicky Teegan and Conor McCague.

Thanks to Scarlett and all at Dr. Sketchy's for helping us organise what will be a great bonus Summer party with high quality visual spectacle and lots of good fun.

Can't wait!

In the meantime please take a look at our Fund It campaign. We are almost at the half way mark!​ct/paperdolls

Much love,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bella's Steampunk II: Happy musings!

I wanted to share this GOREJUCE photo taken by ROSS WALDRON last night.

And WOW! What an brilliant night I had at Bella A Go Go's STEAMPUNK II. I've been extremely busy and hectic with the PaperDolls ABSOLUT Fringe production so I was particularly frantic preparing my two acts for this very special event. It's hard wearing lots of creative 'hats' at the same time! I was hit by an insomniatic spell the night before and an upset tummy pre-show, but soon the burlesque-gang-tonic kicked in - that is, hanging out with Bella A Go Go, Lucy Rhinehart, Lilly DeValle, Jonas Wall, Trebor the Borg and all the other brilliant people who were there gave me a fantastic love boost and I went on to have the best time!

Above: Lucy Rhinehart and Lilly DeValle Rehearse their wonderful Edgar Allan Poe 'Raven' act before the show.

Above: Jonas Wall rehearsing his Top Gun act in the Sugar Club and below, performing it!

Photo: Ross Waldron

A spontaneous addition to my Rococo Material Girl act (pictured) went down an absolute treat, even the stage manager Gillian was smiling, and she had to deal with a very messy stage and quite the lengthy clean up. Special K, everywhere, all over the Sugar Club. In ever corner. One in got stuck in my nipple tassel. Afterwards, they poured out of my corset and were trampled around backstage :s

Photo: Mandy O'Neill

Photo: Sneachta Pix

But mostly, I was sooooo happy my Doll on a music box act which really had me pulling out my hair this week, was a great success! I always seem to resort to comedy for fear of not being able to perform 'sexy' genuinely. I truly admire good strip tease artists (Billy Madly and Bella A Go Go are my favourites), but I find it hard to imagine I'm one of them or could be, or sometimes I'm not sure I really care to be... I even thought that last night might be my last rendezvous with burlesque, but as I just said, the people I get to hang out with make me want to continue to create burlesque and cabaret, even if my interest is now traveling elsewhere... We shall see I guess.

Of course my PaperDolls siblings were there in Eccentric Ladies glorious ensemble! People loved them! They looked really stunning in the ball gowns by Lace and Wine and it was so cool to have them there helping me out and strutting their stuff. Hopefully people will remember us and come see our show!

The Fund It campaign is going really well. I am feeling just so excited and positive today, it's great! Seeing how much people are taking an interest and offering their help and support is very happy-making. I just can't exclaim enough how lovely last night was!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PaperDolls are GO!

Want to know why I haven't been around here recently?

PaperDolls are GO!

ABSOLUTFringe is launching tonight and we are officially announcing our new show, the self-titled 'Paperdolls'! We are also launching our Fund It campaign! And our new website! I'm so excited! We teamed up with the young Will Eames for our Fringe photo shoot, with glorious results!

Want to know more about our new show?

Bob Gallagher helped us put together an amazing promo video:

You can be a patron of my biggest and most exciting project yet here:

There are lots of cool rewards to be had!

And check out our new website!
Thanks to Paul for all the help setting this up.



It all started when four young ladies gathered to discuss a mutual problem: they wanted to fly but had nowhere to do it in their city. Their driving passion was aerial – performing with airborne circus equipment like trapeze, hoop, rope and silks. After years of ad-hoc aerial training they had run out of patience and so began a search for a space to develop their aerial craft. As fate would have it, they soon found their performance home - the Complex, a city-center venue that was the answer to their prayers. From vastly diverse backgrounds, the Dolls found the creative chemistry between them urgently needed an outlet. They had met each other for a reason, to realise their childhood imaginings of wild adventures, mystifying spectacles and immensely invigorating happenings.


The PaperDolls know the talent that exists in the city of Dublin and have immersed themselves in the hidden creative secrets that a city like this cultivates. Borrowing from their past lives as visual artists, musicians, circus kids, cabaret performers, yogis, carpenters and writers, PaperDolls incorporate a host of youthful Irish talent in their creative conquests. With the success of their inaugural show at Body and Soul festival agitating the embers, PaperDolls are currently developing a most ambitious project for ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 and are extremely excited about it.

The Dolls are working with musician Laura Sheeran to develop an original and integrative score, Ambisonics technician Michael Kearns to create a multi-directional, immersive audio experience and artist Susan Walsh on visual and lighting design. We have a large team of set designers and installation artists designing and constructing a labyrinthine stage set inside the Complex, with members of Lace and Wine creating the sights and sounds waiting to be discovered in the passages of the paper maze.


We are determined that Dublin will become a place where artists and performers can train in aerial and go on to stage high quality theatrical productions. We aspire to contribute to the small network of aerial practitioners in Ireland, to make aerial an accessible activity for both professional and public participants. We want to help make Dublin a place that cultivates artists and performers, to help create an environment which supports the development of new work in the city and see our work flourish here.

PaperDolls are Emily Aoibheann, Elaine McCague, Karen Anderson and Niamh Creely.

A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED US GET THIS FAR, in particular for your recent help: Jon, Bob, Paul, Alex, Kat, Laura, Mick, Mam.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quote of the day.

"You didn't need to be Bertram Mills or Billy Smart to have a circus. In fact all you needed to have was a single-decker bus and a lot of cheek. Both of which I reckoned could be picked up pretty cheap. Suddenly my dream of owning a circus seemed possible. I decided to start training seriously."

Confessions of a Showman: My Life in the Circus by Gerry Cottle

And an apt description of my daily psychological reasoning.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Quote of the day.

"I have always said there are more elephants in Ireland then there are in India"

- Karen Anderson on that which is unspoken in Irish families and more generally, the cultural denial of negative emotions, trauma, conflict and upset.