Saturday, January 28, 2012

The twin within: Rick Taylor

A recent recreation of an older shoot I did with photographer and photoshop wizz Rick Taylor.
That is all.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So What?

My "authorial genealogies" never cease popping up. Wanted to share this postcard and image (both have been added to my 'inspiring images' folder) from an article published in the Observer today, 'Angela Carter: A portrait in postcards', available here. I've been glued to Bram Stokers Dracula, after which I'll be revisiting Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, then I'll be picking up Carter's Heroes and Villains. Dracula has almost got my full attention but usually I like to read several books at once, those currently including: S. Reed Brett: Modern Europe 1789-1914 and After, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English: Witches, midwives, and nurses: A history of women healers, The World's Most Notourious Women (collection of short biographies) and Living Food for Health by Gillian McKeith (more studying than reading). I'm scouring second-hand book stores for good finds and wanted materials - on the look out for a good muscular anatomy reference book too. Many more on the list so... not writing much, but certainly reading much and it suits me fine.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emmen Jude Donnelly

One of the most brilliant people I have had the pleasure to befriend. A muse: beautiful genuine sexy crazy BRAIN-STORM loving open stunning hyper extraordinary strong affectionate generous crafty super human ectomorphic wild domestic careful expressive my twin individual independent hilarious cat! Here's to you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. Sketchy's: The Wizard of Oz

Oh oh ooohhh! Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Dublin Branch, headed by the amazin' Scarlett Nymph is hosting a Wizard of Oz themed Sketchy's at which I shall be modeling. I absolutely adore this theme and I'm really looking forward to creating my own version of Dorothy or indeed the Wizard himself!

The last times I modeled for Dr. Sketchy's - see here, here and here

One of my favourite performers Dickie Beau deconstructs Judy Garland:

PaperDolls: Picturing the Soul

Interesting projects are afoot...

PaperDolls: Picturing the Soul
A multi-disciplinary performance and exhibition artistically exploring the concept of the soul
The Back Loft
February 18th & 19th

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quote of the Day.

I just picked up a neat book about the French Revolution. It's particularly interesting and also unsettling because I can draw similarities between pre-revolution 17th Century France and post-celtic tiger 21st Century Ireland. Today, I read a particularly gripping statement:

"The people's only means of political self-expression was force - hence the Revolution"
S. Reed Brett, Modern Europe 1789-1914 and After.

This wonderful video taken in Cork on Christmas Day provoked in me a similar feeling:

Friday, January 6, 2012

"Ambition, intelligence, terrific momentum and genuine creativity" - The Irish Times ****

For many reasons, news of PaperDolls has been a little slack round here, but news there is. The amazing PaperDoll Elaine McCague (our Rope girl) put together a promo video of our mammoth ABSOLUT Fringe show 'Paperdolls', which captures the quote unquote "kinetic" marvels of our extraordinary creative adventure which made 2011 a hurricane of grand proportions for me personally and for the group. The video also captures the brilliant composition by beautiful, talented, wonderful composer Laura Sheeran which was such a fundamental part of our show's success, and some of the gargantuan amounts of work that went into producing this show with contributions from over 20 artists not to mention the support we received from fans, family and our amazing creative friends. More reportage to follow - just let me get my bearings on the new year and all it brings!

For Ever Love: A collaboration.

I love working with people who fulfill their intentions and musician Laura Sheeran is one such person - an absolute creative dynamo who follows her creative inclinations through to the end. We were shooting a video for Laura's single 'For Ever Love' from her upcoming album What the World Knows. For Ever Love was originally featured in 'Paperdolls' as my solo music for aerial silks, complementing the feminine and sexy qualities of the fabric. We spent Thursday shooting elements of my aerial routine, incorporating the visuals by artists Susan Walsh and Jacinta Jardine which were created for my character in the 'Paperdolls' show. Here are some pictures of our work, with a clip of Laura's track below (Many thanks to Oisín Davis and the staff of the Sugar Club, Conor McCague, Murray Cummings, Donal Foreman, Jack and Erin who participated in different ways to the day's production!) Video coming soon:

Photos by Laura Sheeran