Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Steven Doyle

Bumped into a photographer friend of mine Steven Doyle last night who loves taking photos of me!

I said, "I've never had so many freckles until you took a photo of me Steven!" The first photo he took of me made me look like a right Irish cailĂ­n (Despite the pink mohawk...), so much so that his Italian photographer friend Andreas came all the way to Dublin to shoot me. One should never underestimate the power of freckles in places where the population lack 'the freck'.

Anyway, Steven is lovely and an excellent photographer who speaks fluent Russian and Italian (and probably others I don't know about), kind of rare for an Irish bloke!

He used to be a male model himself and has some seriously class 80s style photos of himself - which I'm going to steal for the this blog post! I serious adore these photos. I'm not sure who the photographer is though.

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