Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When I was a drummer...

And a brief herstory of hairstyles...

Janey Mac practice, Loop Studios, Dublin

Party Weirdo, The Hub, Dublin

Noisy Rooms, Berlin

The Joy Gallery, Dublin

Dance House, Dublin

"Back stage" of the Lower Deck, Dublin

Catalyst Arts, Belfast

Party Weirdo with XBXRX at the Hub, Dublin

Rozbrat squat, Poznan, Poland

Chapter, Cardiff, Wales

With dancer Deirdre Murphy, Dance House, Dublin

Then there was this lot: United Bible Studies

Rehearsal Studios, Berlin

One-night-girl-band 'Generic Muff'' at The Lower Deck, Dublin

Janey Mac, The Boom Boom Room, Dublin

Janey Mac, The Lower Deck, Dublin

The George, Dublin

I've posted this video before, but I do enjoy it so here it is again:

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