Sunday, April 1, 2012

Less Talk More Action

Frog and Toad's 'Less Talk More Action', the creation of Belfast Circus School's 24 hour cabaret task was set on Wednesday evening, created on Thursday and performed on Friday by randomly selected partners trust together from a lucky dip of names plucked from the school's disused tombola. 

Aaltje and I played with the common vocabulary we had - acrobalance, quickly disregarding the juggling equipment we intended to use. Aaltje is an amazing base, and although I need some work on the flying front, I thoroughly enjoyed scrambling around Aaltje and found the challenge extremely refreshing and inspiring. We took a playful approach by adapting some of the acro-moves we have learned over the last few months, and stumbled upon the frog and toad idea through some of our exploration of movement. Our play and appearances kind of reminded me of the Frog and Toad stories of my childhood (previously posted about here). I'm thinking this frog thing will be further explored in the near future :)

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