Monday, April 19, 2010

Salon Decca 75

Today, we started the gramophone overhaul:
It's a Salon Decca, probably dating back to 1930s, no. 75. Retrieved from my Dad's family home along with an old Pilot Radio (probably 1950s) which has been sent to a hi-fi man for internal assessment!
Old Salon Decca was eaten away by wood worm, but the mechanism still works perfectly! So gorgeous! Wish I had a video to show you how the mechanism spins so easily and silently. What a brilliant invention.

The plywood exterior was completely eaten away with wood worm infestation, so we had to take it completely apart in order to remove the central mechanism.

We took everything apart, all the important bits that will go back on once we make the new external casing.

The needle stem:

The sound box which was underneath the central panel:

The turn table (minus the old velvet covering):

The lid had already come off long before!

As had the casing, both which needed measuring for our recreation:

Daddio did some excellent drawings of the central panel before we dumped it (boo-hoo) so that we can make a new one:

And we made an inventory with all the screws that need replacing for the different parts, the hinges, bolts, brackets and whatever else has come out if the machine that will need to go back into the machine!

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend a day in the garden (in between feeds and a spot of sunshine) before I ran inside to boast about my gramophone exploits and revel in the nerd that I have become. I'll be drawing up diagrams of different screw-threads next, guffaw!


  1. Go on ya good thing!!
    Some trojan work!:)

  2. I have the original case of the salon decca 75. if you want, I can give it to you. Let me know before I put it on ebay. email me at

  3. Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing the finished article. I've recently restored a Decca 75, fortunately I didn't have the woodworm though! Heres mine:

  4. Wow - BEAUTIFUL! This project has been put on the back burner, but your restoration is an inspiration... will keep in touch. Decca fans.

  5. Keep up the good work! Restoring these fab machines have become an addiction for us too!

  6. Great to find this site! A local man here brought in his decca salon to our local pub a couple nights ago and I had him show me it again tonight so I could find some info for him. His is the exact same make as your pictures above, in poor condition but with a record called 'Tip Top thro the... (can't make out the rest of the title from my badly taken picture) which is taken from the 1929 movie 'Gold Diggers of Broadway' (this is written on the record. I'd appreciate any more information you might have come across regarding this gramophone. In particular, he'd love to know the exact age of it. I have a couple of pictures of it if you'd like me to forward them on.

    Kind Regards,

    Kind Regards, Dave.