Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cixous Ghost w/ Silk Flowers and Twinkranes

I've been filming dogs, cats and humans in Ormond Quay studios all day for Friday's human-animal hybrid HEFT! (UPDATE: Unfortunately, Father Time wagged his pristine-finger at my ambitious project and so I shan't be displaying these images tonight, but I have dug in my doggy-archive and have selected some beauty shots of a dog-in-the-snow, which should help us channel the dark Lupine energy of Carter's imaginings)

John Dermody from the Jimmy Cake, Jon Kelly of Aardvark and Beth of NZ's Duckling Monster and The Futurians will be performing with me on the night. UPDATE: Another name for the bill, the Red Menace herself, Roisin Kiberd, the smallest and loudest woman in Dublin shall be contributing to our vulgar, wolf gang. YUSS!

It's going to rock like Carter's Bloody Chamber.


  1. I don't know where to begin. That gig was amazing, I only caught half of your act but it was absolutely amazing! I need to buy an EP or an album!

  2. A gushing response! Thank you Irish Henshin, we're just cutting our teeth.