Tuesday, September 7, 2010


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I took a video and cranked up the contrast for dramatic effect
(Aardvark made me music for it):

(13th September 2010)
I feel compelled to state that I am aware of how awfully ham these doctored photos are, but that's ok. Just like the woman on the sex education video in 6th class said about periods. She said (lied), "It's just a few drops, a few drops, but that's ok, it's ok!".
All this rainbow mush came about during the Electric Picnic festivities. Lets just say, as I have been saying, it was an exercise in anti-neurosis. Someone suggested that could be fodder for a new catch phrase - I see it now -

Electric Picnic: An Exercise in Anti-neurosis.

But I digress.
An old, beloved friend of mine who I had not seen for a long time told me, in fact, performed for me, the Double Rainbow youtube video of the man who was moved. I had never heard of a double rainbow, let alone seen one and was overcome with excitement, somewhat chemically induced, BUT THAT'S OK! IT'S OK!

Anyway, I knew then that my performance at the Gateway Festival with the Lovecats would have to be a DOUBLE RAINBOW (those of you who see it will learn why this must be so) and eventually a friend commented that I had in fact left the building and been replaced by a double rainbow. Then on Tuesday - having never even heard of such a thing before the weekend - a double rainbow appeared before me and it was so cool! Before I get all cynical and embarrassed, yah I did think it was fateful and I did board that universal validation train, of course I did! I was screaming at passers-by to look at the double rainbow, grabbing the bins out of a man's hands and throwing them into the road, screaming and laughing and crying and smashing windows with love, shooting rainbow stardust and smiles from the top of my umbrella. Everyone enjoyed it. But it was always bound for the land of ham. I grew up with plastic purple ponies with rainbows on their butts, women like Rainbow Brite and later Mario Cart... Rainbow Rapids? Or was that an outdoor swimming pool in
Dun Laoighre? No way! I just remembered Rainbow Rapids the outdoor swimming pool in Dun Laoighre! On a par with the painful and cold Clara Lara in Wicklow, remember? (Also closed for years but recently reopened).

This is what is left of Rainbow Rapids:

Aside: www.abandonedireland.com is an excellent website, full of very creepy photos of deserted, haunted and otherwise otherworldly places of human history, residue and absence.

Over all, the Double Rainbow sighting was an interesting and synchronicitous event.
But, on the face of things:

Light Bends

The fundamental process at work in a rainbow is refraction -- the "bending" of light. Light bends -- or more accurately, changes directions -- when it travels from one medium to another. This happens because light travels at different speeds in different mediums.

Read the rest here.

A gift from Angela of the same rainbow as above:

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