Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote of the day.

While reading aloud a passage from The Judgment of Tiresias (Ovid's Metamorphoses) to Mother...:

Me: Meanwhile, they say that in heaven Jove had put aside his weighty cares, and, drink in hand, was busy killing time in repartee with Juno: "Women get far more pleasure out of sex than men do," he said. And when she denied this, they both agreed to seek the arbitration of the transsexual sage, Tiresias, who, in a leafy forest, had once profaned the coupling of two enormous serpents, by giving them a blow with his walking stick..."

Mother: Sounds like a Galway Parish Priest.

Oh how we laughed.

Actor Ned Dennehy played Tiresias in Gavin Quinn and Simon Doyle's play Oedipus Loves You and BLEW MY MIND. Best opening scene ever. Any movie, any play, any performance I've ever seen.

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