Monday, December 27, 2010

Significant discoveries.

From Finland:
Video artist Salla Tykkä
Here is one of her videos, 'Lasso'
She has some very clever, refreshing photography too.
Here are some stills from her short movies:

'Airs Above The Ground'

And from Sweden:

Ingmar Bergman, 'Fanny and Alexander' (1982)
Anyone who enjoys a literary nerd-out should read Shakespeare's Hamlet before watching this film. I have never seen a film quite like this, a five hour epic of engaging ideas, words, visions. Utterly inspiring.


  1. there was a deadly Salla Tykkä show in the RHA two years ago. 4 or 5 films and some photos it was pretty great!
    and i totally for got to watch Fanny and Alexander only saw half last christmas, theres still time tho.
    hope your christmas was great!

  2. Hey Bollo, how are you? Seeing her work has refreshed my enthusiasm for video work and art. Combined with Fanny and Alexander, I know now I want to make movies, and I shall. Christmas was hard but also very enjoyable. I'm now looking forward to New Years and all the excitement of the future. Please watch the film though - it is fantastic! How was your Christmas?

  3. christmas a was good but quick! new years was a great time with friends and lots of booze. i'll get round to the film soon i started watching it way to late last time. hope your new years was as fun as mine!

    Ryan Trecartin is my fav video artist at the mo along with Shana Moulton, her work was shown a bit here over the last few years.

    looking forward to seeing what you do movie wise, theres lots of posibilities to combine live preformance and pre recorded video.