Monday, December 6, 2010

Blackbird's "Daughters"

For those of you who have picked up and read RAG issue 5, you will have come across the name Lashings of Ginger Beer, an awesome Queer Feminist Burlesque troupe from Oxford, UK. Writing about sexuality and nudity in the Burlesque Scene in Dublin for Rag, I describe how inspiring I found the Lashings' show when I caught their show in Oxford town last Summer. One act in particular performed by Galatea Gorgon of the 'Lashings of Ginger Beer' troupe entitled "Daughters", impacted upon me personally, both as a performer and as a woman. The act was extremely dark and controversial but in an unfamiliar way, the dancer was courageous and evocative, and the performance impacted upon me in a very powerful way.

(The great Galatea Gorgon of Lashings fame)

That night Lashings performed to an audience of fans and fellow 'freaks', myself included, people who I presume were somewhat prepared for what an out and proud queer feminist burlesque group might produce. Even then, the huge strength and intensity generated by "Daughters" landed like a bomb on a stunned audience who remained silent until Gala's peers rushed on to assist her off stage. My heart was in my mouth; the performance had provided a vernacular for so many troubling but inarticulate observations, thoughts and experiences as a woman, an activist and a performance practitioner. I felt an overwhelming calling; Gala had unknowingly clarified some previously difficult and complex dichotomous impulses which had me bothered. It was suddenly important for me to perform Gala's act, to adapt it and express it, to articulate and physicalize these ideas for myself and for an audience known to me.

It is hugely exciting that I received Gala's permission to recreate this powerful performance for my next grand appearance at Pony Girl's Twisted Cabaret and Sideshow extravaganza this Saturday the 11th of December at the Complex in Smithfield. The last time I performed with the Pony Girls, debuting The Passion of St. Blackbird, I received so much good energy from the audience that it had me beaming for the rest of the night. I am very much looking forward to experimenting with this crowd, at this venue.

I'll be doing two acts that night by the way, the first being a new and spectacular addition to the ecclesiastical cannon and my religious repertoire. Swing incense burner... among other things! Oh! I expect it will be a fantastic night and a fabulous show!

Blackbird's "Daughters" and the return of Saint Blackbird
Pony Girl's Twisted Cabaret and Sideshow
The Complex, Smithfield
Saturday 11th December


  1. Wow -- what an incredibly lovely post. Thank you so much for the kind words, and I'm so glad that the performance went well!

    - Galatea