Friday, January 14, 2011

Solo piece, 29th January

When Party Weirdo were on the go we used to do a lot of gigs with production duo Maximum Joy, a two boy team consisting of music enthusiasts and long time organisers Darren McCreesh and Mici Durnin. When Party Weirdo came to an end, Darren continued having an interested in what I was up to, coming to events here and there and generally keeping in touch. Recently we've reconnected and he's been supporting me and encouraging me to challenge myself, expand my own perspective on my work and take more risks.

About a month ago, Darren told me about a gig he is organising for Japanese noise musician and 'outsider' Yximalloo, taking place on the 29th January in the Joinery, Arbour Hill, Smithfield. Because of Yximalloo's peculiar aesthetic and practice, Darren wanted me to contribute to the night in a performative manner, with something new and performance based.

I toyed with all sorts of mad collaborative ideas ranging from tribal belly-dance rhythmical improvisation to noisy guitar meets vocal scores and although I knew I could rise to the invitation with something really engaging and special, I hadn't fully realised the idea until I saw Dickie Beau perform 'Retroflection' at the Queer Notions Festival at Project Arts Centre. Suddenly I knew what I wanted and would do.

This event is probably the beginning of a new venture for me and the next stage of my performance practice. I am both excited and nervous, knowing how experimental the event is and how so many people who know me as a musician will witness all that I've been doing under cover of cloud for the last few years - and who knows what anybody will make of it! But it isn't alienating, in fact it is very much in the theatrical and engaging performance art vein, I make it easy for the audience to be entertained, unlike Yximalloo himself who, I've heard, is extremely alienating indeed.

I have some people helping me with this project and there will be other voices and figures present during the piece, but this is the first time I have been billed as myself, not under a guise of Cixous Ghost, Blackbird or any other fantasy. This is me taking what I do a bit more seriously. I would love everyone who takes an interest in my work and in this blog to venture along and see this performance and maybe even have some conversations post event, online or in person.

Emily Aoibheann
supporting Yximalloo
w/ Nightcycles
29th January, 7.30pm, €10
The Joinery, Arbour Hill, Smithfield

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