Monday, January 24, 2011


Woo! Really excited to announced Bella A Go Go's next super show extravaganza! And isn't the poster fabLAs? I'm thinking up some really fun stuff for this and since I'm all blonde again, I reckon a Tank Girl act is long over due, especially since these photos were taken about a year ago by Rick Taylor with myself and Natalie Da Costa, but they are awesome and Tank Girl is a teenage dream what with her tank-love, anarchy living, hot crusty kangaroo guys uh... kissing and you know, general debauchee cartoon feminist stylin'! Of course, since discovering HotHead Paisan Homicidal Lesbain Terrorist Tank Girl has taken a figurative backseat in the ferocious-hot-lady stakes (and some of you may know what HotHead makes of Tank Girl and her, eh, association with the, uh, Kangaroo-man). However! Tank Girl was my first introduction to gorgeous punky strong women and an advocate for compulsive haircuts and I will love her for it forever.

Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett:

I'm also working on a very special second act for this event - oh yes, gonna be a good night indeed. Prizes for best invention too!

Bella's Steampunk Show
February 25th
Doors @ 8pm

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