Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rococo: an eye patch.

I don't want the massive stage in An Grianan Theatre to go to waste, so I'm hurriedly composing a new number for Friday night's show... through one eye. This morning I had a nasty entanglement with a freshly sharpened eye-liner pencil and, casting caution to the wind, I forged ahead with the day's aerial training only for the eye-skratchin' to gradually get worse and worse. Finally, I found myself stumbling to my GP, begging the hesitant receptionist to see the doctor while clutching at my eye screaming: "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!!??????". Got some eye drops and nifty patches and I'm feeling hopeful that the show can go on as it must! Further, thanks to the help of some of my friends, it shall be very stylish indeed... with optional dodgy eye patch. Think hoop skirts and chocolate with some feather fans thrown in for good measure.

I trust I'm on the mend when I can take posy photos of myself in a wig like this and a dodgy eye patch and still feel relatively positive about my near future.


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