Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It was like a life-treat today when I popped into the garden to see the green tips of my lettuce and spinach seeds which I planted a few weeks ago. I've never tried my hand at gardening but Nightingale Jennifer Evans had some spare broccoli and cabbage and offered to help me cultivate my new, substantial garden. It was a lot of work. De-weeding and long-grassing first, then the big dig. The ground was full of waste from cowboy builders. We dug up plastic pipping and particles and all sorts of other junk, but also lots of worms. Two spunky robins came to take advantage of the disturbed soil and hung around our shovels most of the day. As the garden is largely occupied with builder materials and leftovers, we used a crate to construct a raised bed and some slates that were idle and rocks we unearthed to make an anti-snail fortress and keep it nice and contained. Suspiciously, there are no snails to be seen despite the wildlife we've been assured exists in our garden.

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