Friday, September 9, 2011

PaperDolls in the Stripe!

Remember The Stripe photoshoot I mentioned in my last PaperDolls process blog? Well here is the published result (available for free in Dublin city). We were REALLY looking forward to seeing the results and wow - they are awesome! Donegal man and photographer Malcolm Mc Gettigan did a super job. We hope to get copies of these photos as the more flexible we get, the better the photos get! Hah! And we are definitely more flexible than way back when the lovely Will Eames worked his magic for our promo shot - the results of which are still awesome. Speaking of - we have blown up some of those images by the young Will Eames and started (slowly) plastering them around town. Look out for my favourites (below)! While I'm scanning stuff, might as well scan a few a these things too. These are bits of my favourites (scanner aint big enough so you'll just have to go look for the real thang). (Also, just noticing my hair is longer...)

ELAINE DOLL the wonderful:

And the two knicks, myself EMILY and KAREN DOLL (there are two pairs of pants in the original - ghah! I've got the mad eye in this one, awesome):

Can't leave out our NIAMH DOLL and the fish-eye Karen Doll again:

Wow this is an adventure.

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