Sunday, August 28, 2011

PaperDolls Process II.

(Photo: Susan Walsh)

A picture diary by Emily Doll

4th of August, Rehearsals with gorgeous Kat Doherty:

Later, Karen and Emily nip off to try out the new aerial point in the Sugar Club:

7th August: PaperDolls/ Dr. Sketchy's Party! Thanks to the powerful Scarlett Nymph of Dr. Sketchy's Dublin branch.

(Photo: Susan Walsh)
(Photos: Ross Waldron)
(Photo: Susan Walsh)
(Photo: Susan Walsh)
Joined by, the ACROBANDITS!
(Photo: Ross Waldron)
Bella A Go Go as Goblin Face!
(Photo: Ross Waldron)
And the wonderful, Arlene Caffrey!
(Photo: Ross Waldron)

With our team, including the beautiful Bearded Lady!

(Photo: Ross Waldron)

13th August, The LoveCats Farewell Show, Karen solo: Venus Panthera is born.

(Photo: Kate Turner)

(Photo: Cashel O'Toole)

19th August, The Burlesque and Cabaret Social Club, Emily a.k.a. Blackbird, brings aerial to the Sugar Club:

(Photos: Rick Taylor)

(Photo: Ross Waldron)

(Photo: Elizabeth Von Deitrich)

Weeks following the 22nd of August = Long days:
Training all day in the Sugar Club

With some sunshine breaks!

And meetings and further rehearsal into the late evening:

And ongoing correspondence with composer Laura Sheeran who is working tirelessly on our musical score for 'Paperdolls'!

September 1st, More time in the Sugar Club! Photo shoot for The Stripe, new free mini-magazine (images coming soon!)

With a little time left over for our own photo fun...

The PaperDolls

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