Friday, January 6, 2012

For Ever Love: A collaboration.

I love working with people who fulfill their intentions and musician Laura Sheeran is one such person - an absolute creative dynamo who follows her creative inclinations through to the end. We were shooting a video for Laura's single 'For Ever Love' from her upcoming album What the World Knows. For Ever Love was originally featured in 'Paperdolls' as my solo music for aerial silks, complementing the feminine and sexy qualities of the fabric. We spent Thursday shooting elements of my aerial routine, incorporating the visuals by artists Susan Walsh and Jacinta Jardine which were created for my character in the 'Paperdolls' show. Here are some pictures of our work, with a clip of Laura's track below (Many thanks to Oisín Davis and the staff of the Sugar Club, Conor McCague, Murray Cummings, Donal Foreman, Jack and Erin who participated in different ways to the day's production!) Video coming soon:

Photos by Laura Sheeran


  1. love your make up,
    I wish I could do that aerial stuff,
    looks beautiful,

  2. Thanks Rosette, the secret being - lots of glitter! Are you based in Dublin? Our company PaperDolls teach aerial classes occasionally...

  3. nope, not in Dublin
    would love to take your classesa
    and see your shows
    keep me posted
    I like following your adventures,
    who knows, i might be in Dublin one day,
    my dear husband is in love with Ireland :-)

  4. Wow! Where in the world are you? I'm glad you stopped in to say hello. I hope to have performative travels so maybe I'll end up coming to you...

  5. hi again,
    I am currently back home in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    We lived in London for 3 years and Germany for a year.
    This is my blog
    Good luck with your work and life:-)