Thursday, February 2, 2012

In knots.

What can I say really? I like to climb ropes, I also like to wrap people up with them... I've been learning the techniques of Shibari, or Japanese Rope Bondage - and this is my friend Jennifer Evans. Jennifer is a musical enigma with a voice as deep, dark and ancient as the ocean. And like the ocean, she embodies a generous, wise and powerful soul, qualities which abound in her music. She has just finished her new (debut) album which she hopes to release some time this year. I was lucky enough to hear one of the tracks and oddly, it was so overwhelming and wonderful that I started to cry. Her music has a profound effect on me - and she makes a beautiful rope model. Expect to see more of this and her.

Colours of Bruises (by Jennifer Evans)

Get along, sometimes, I'm right on the edge of my own design
A sad dream too early in the morning.
Times decanting, nursing a yearning, learning tricks birch wood burning.
The colours I'm using beats colours of bruising
I should be your accessory.
All the pain I never felt I'm feeling it now
If I could I would sleep and never come around.
This place gets hotter one day to another
Anyone else feel hopeless undercover?
Being self contained, arachnid, talking distant, infinite, romantic
The language you used it's edge fared dull the language you used
It's edge fared dull got me into trouble.
Through my mind the filth worked it's way all around
How I missed you, I couldn't sleep it was fantastic.
The colours I'm using beats colours of bruising
I didn't find it bad though.

I lost my motive. Don't know where I can find it. When I get lazy I get
Stuck in the mud, pushed with the shove, sucking my thumb, blowing my trumpet.

Heading down to that part of my darling, feeling isolated and numb,
Heading down to that part of my darling.
You have called me like a dog and I answered to it too
I wasn't there I left my body of service to you.

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