Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soul Juncture by PaperDolls

Soul Juncture

A cross-roads, a juncture, a meeting point - PaperDolls' fantastical glimpse of the soul revealed through play, ideas, vision and music. 'Soul' emerges through interruptions of consciousness and in synchronous moments when we are open to the abundance of the universe. It bubbles up from the unknown, sometimes coaxed, sometimes sudden, but a constant nonetheless. Feelings of connectivity are fundamental here. Those who are witness to the Soul Juncture are lulled into a calm and meditative space through the mesmeric elements of sound and movement of visuals. Here, we offer a space of openness and feelings of connectivity to evoke sensations of 'soulness'.

Photos by Simon Crawford photography

 Soul Juncture by PaperDolls
As part of Picturing the Soul
The Back Loft, La Cathedral Studios
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 
€10 tickets on the door

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