Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PaperDolls go Harajuku Girls: Festival of Fools

 ☮ The last week has been completely mad! Regular training and routine was cast out of a high window as the circus school was taken over by the Festival of Fools, Belfast's annual street performance festival. It was AMAZING! Not only did PaperDolls get the chance and challenge of creating a street performance (in less then a week), we also got to socialise, work with and witness high class international street performers of fine repute. I was pretty sure that I would always be an indoor kind of girl, but who would have thunkit! Now I'm a burgeoning street performer. 


Karen Doll took the lead with our performance idea, with my love of Harajuku style contributing to the over all look and concept. The piece itself was completely ridiculous and utterly bizarre but fun, visual, full of potential for development and very much in the spirit of comedy which Belfast Circus School is well known for. 

It was pretty terrifying to face an audience of strangers on the street, a large crowd of people who may decide to go against your performative coaxing and commands. The world of indoor theatrical performance is cosy in comparison - the street is a dangerous playground, but one which is ripe with potential for inspiration and learning and elements of circus I love like risk taking challenge and experimentation.

 The act may change, but I do believe the Harajuku Dolls are here to stay... Project!☮

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