Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy May Day: Spectacal of Hope and Defiance


Oh it was a rainy day for a protest parade, but not only did they see it through, The Spectacle of Hope and Defiance along with several other groups including the Workers Solidarity Movement, did a damn good job of brightening up Dublin city which was drenched in dismal weather yesterday.

PaperDolls were absolutely delighted to be invited back to don the scales of injustice and flaunt our gowns and smiles, with the last minute addition of eccentric lady rain gear to add to the wet spirit of the event (and to avoid saturation as much as possible! Which was largely ineffective... oh well!).

It's raining, it's pouring! That didn't stop the political revelers and the PaperDolls taking great and spectacular strides down O'Connell street in Dublin yesterday. Great thanks to Brian Fleming and big congrats on a great parade of defiance. 

I tell you now, chips taste better in the rain.

See and read about the last time PaperDolls appeared on the scales here.  

(Photos: Workers Solidarity Movement)
 (Photos: Nigel Hanlon)


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