Monday, January 11, 2010

holy ghost toast: PESTERSOME NICHTS

At long last, the album that was recorded in 9 hours (more or less) and took two years to release, I am proud to present Holy Ghost Toast's Pestersome Nichts.

Holy Ghost Toast was a band that existed in Berlin during the time I lived there - when was that? Years ago at this stage. I had moved there with Party Weirdo for about a year, during which time I was itching to play the guitar and bass and fool around with all this drama I felt conjuring in my vocal chords and make some serious zone-y noizze. I met Jule whilst hanging out with the Ladyfest Berlin folk. She had just started drum lessons a few weeks when we met for a jam. We were both beginners and I adored her drumming style. She approached the instrument in a way I had lost since the time I got 'good' at drumming. Her style was that of someone without preceding notions of how one should play the drums. She just wanted to play yo! And was willing to improvise along to the clumsy narrative I provided in (uh...) melody.

We spent long hours exploring our sound, sometimes lying a guitar and bass on the floor beside the drum kit, using our fingers and drum sticks to poke unfamiliar sounds from these familiar instruments, reaching with our arms to include the drum kit - the bass drum and cymbals. You can hear this on the track 'Room 10' - which is a 5 minute clip taken from one such lengthy jam. In January 2008 Jule came to Dublin to record an album with Stephen Shannon in Experimental Audio. I had already worked with Stephen several times and was eager to try a different approach with him. Myself and Jule literally went into the studio and started playing, with Stephen adopting quite an organic approach - listening out for snippets worth keeping while we tried our best to recreate the private ease of playing we experienced when creating by ourselves in a more casual environment. 'In my secret garden' and 'Geek Love' were improvised in the studio. 'The Cork Invasion' was recorded on my laptop the evening before, when David and Amy from Queen Kong were leaving my house, and myself and Jule just happened to be having a wee jam in my room. Some little bits were added later, the distorted vocals in the former, and the synth in 'Da Du Da'.

I am extremely attached to this album and it's contents. It's the manifestation of a memorable time in my life, which stretches from Berlin all the way to Dublin and back. We were very excited when Noise not Music agreed to release it for us, but in the end we decided to do it ourselves and now I am glad that we have.

The album is available for free download here:

But you can purchase the cassette tape from me too. We have fifty in total, 25 of which are going to Berlin. 5 have already been sold and are going in the post tomorrow. The cassettes are a rainbow of colours and appearances and each tape has been HAND DECORATED AND LABELED by yours truly. You also get an A3 poster of our album cover (pictured above). The photo is my Mother's and is one of my all time favourite images. One of those freaky kids is my older sister. The cassette and poster will also be available in Road Records by the end of this week. If you are interested in purchasing a cassette, please email:

Holy Ghost Toast: Pestersome Nichts
Cassette: €5
Poster: €5
Together: €10


  1. I'm really excited about this, and thankyou for posting the media fire download - despite agreeing with your abundance theory - I am too poor to indulge at present. Also excited about the blog! Bring on more tarot inflected pondering and collections of noise xxx

  2. THANKS Lesboasbo! Like the wordpress, must have a mosey, and again, really looking forward to the book, Zoock!

  3. Really enjoying the HGT-goodness! Sounds great - different, but distinctly Emily-y, if you know what I mean. The more I hear it the more I like it and someday I should like to own a tape of it, too.

    Prior to The Rapture (and I don't mean cowbells), if possible, but we shall see...

    Oh, I was recently in a gallery and came across something that I thought might interest you: