Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Party Weirdo (AWWW!!!)

It happens, because I'm both a chameleon and a jack of all trades, that people I've known for the longest time sometimes say to me "I have no idea what you 'DO', Karate". This is one of the reasons this blog exists, and hopefully as it develops the culmination of material will display at least something of a continuum of what I do and indeed, who I am. Usually what I say is "I'm in about a million bands" and dole out myspace addresses of varying descriptions and levels of frenzied noise making. On this occasion though, I just pointed my friend toward EweTube and in so doing, watched a video I had not seen in a very long time... Back when I was an upbeat, punk, drummer, popstar, in a small but gorgeous gay bar, in a semi queer, ardently feminist band called Party Weirdo:

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  1. This made me smile so much! One question: will Cara regret that outfit?