Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tantrums and other stories

Oh the joys of self-publishing! It compliments my feelings of generosity this week, and abundance! Abundance! It really is a lot of fun, although paying for colour photocopying or colour photocopied goods for that matter, is not, so you can download my little collection of fanzines in all their colourful glory here:
(Please note the flying knickers in above photograph taken by Mairéad McGrath, who probably knows my tantrums better than most)

I often attribute my tendency to misspell to my wacky, carefree, often improvised creativity and my punkish, often impatient sensibilities. In this case, I attribute it to a general rush of creative energy from which these writings came and a faulty crack copy of Microsoft Word (hush hush!). I also tend to use the colon punctuation mark indiscriminately. I embarrassed myself recently when a friend, who was editing a piece I had submitted for her periodical 'Never Never and Elsewhere: Word Made Flesh', emailed me her suggested changes. I had obviously forgotten my flamboyant use of the colon, asking her was it really necessary to have all those colons in there? She quickly informed me that no such changes had been made, in fact, all those colons were there because, uh, I put them there. Whoopsie! And that was a piece I wrote over the course of one year! There is actually more to be said about my contribution to this magazine, but that my friends, is for another post. Meanwhile, it can be bought in bookshops around Dublin city... and possibly online too, although I don't know these things. That photo is me, I took it. It caused some controversy between myself and the editor because she edited out my boob. But that discussion is certainly for another occasion.

Oh and the dash! I think I developed a fondness for the dash - whilst reading Emily Dickinson in school. When her poems were found and published in 1890 after her death, personal acquaintances Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Mabel Loomis Todd made significant changes to Dickinson's poems, editing out the dash altogether. It was not until 1955 that her poems were published in their original form, dashes'n'all.

In other words, I have terrible grammar. Actually scrap that, I have careless grammar, but I'm learning how to use it and actually enjoying the stuff. Grammar for writers, is like a click-track for drummers. I used to be vocally against click-tracks (again, a discussion for another time) but I'm also learning the joys and benefits of that tool too. All these things, they may seem boring, but they are tools, tools which you will notice when you read my stories, I have pretty much ignored. I think I was inspired by this article on the death of the semi-colon, which was published in the Guardian in April 2008. I use commas way too much.

P.S. I just finished writing a rant about misspelling and grammar, only realising afterwards that I had misspelled grammar 'grammer' the entire time. But I changed it because I am vain. Plus the spell check works on here.

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  1. "she edited out my boob."

    HA! Surely that is a new Cixous Ghost lyric?