Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Passion of St. Blackbird

I've been anticipating the addition of this photo to my blog for your pursuing. It's a shot taken by the young Will Eames of my Passion of St. Blackbird performance in Smithfield Saturday gone. The place was like a gospel church inside with screaming, fainting and rambunctious praising of the powers above for the joys and sensations of the Passion.

It took three days for me to fully recover from the emotional quagmire evoked by my channeling of Teresa of Ávila, for there was some genuine Goddess power on stage that night. Pity the nature of cabaret means 4 minute performances for I felt so at home on stage that I did not want to leave. It was the best experience of energetic reciprocation from an audience I have ever felt, and the beginning of something vast and wonderful. It has provoked a number of thought tumblings and things to be said.

As usual, the opportunity and impulse to create and collaborate has not slowed.

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