Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black Rabbit Cabaret/ Dr. Sketchy's

Having already shared a stage with the captivating Joe Black, I am truly delighted to be part of the Black Rabbit Cabaret taking place in Dublin next Saturday. Not only do I get to consort with the UK royals of cabaret and theatre, but I also get to share the spotlight with one of my favourite ever cabaret artistes, Mr. Ryan Styles - his website is worth a gander. I adore him. So, post-nuclear tank loving heroine one week, 1930s damsel with fans the next. This is a show not to be missed.

Follow us down the Rabbit hole
Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Dublin at The Black Rabbit Cabaret

On 12th March 2011: Dr. Sketchy's Dublin will be staying out late, we've got a date.. with The Black Rabbit Cabaret and we're very excited. Grown up glamour and decadence, over two stages and with international acts to inspire and entertain and we want you to join us!

On Saturday night, The Good Bits, Store Street is the place to be - where rules can be broken and no one will tell. For one night only, this infamous club will transfer you to the immoral nightlife of the Prohibition offering you weird and wonderful entertainment, cocktails, champagne and cabaret, spinning crazily from a glamorous location deep in the underground night life of Dublin.

  • Incorrigible and unrestrained performances from The Lipsinkers: Featuring Ryan Styles, Blanche du Bois, Lisa Lee, John Sizzle and Richardette
  • The delectable and dangerous Miss Roxy Velvet
  • The Award Winning cast of The Fitzrovia Radio Hour presenting “Beware of the Dark!” – a genuine gothic horror story
  • Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Dublin - Cabaret Life Drawing Hosted by Mishell Noir with model Blackbird

Hosted by the enigmatic Black Rabbit himself: Mister Joe Black

And spinning the discs:
The infamous Gay Bingo’s John Sizzle, & Richardette from the wonderous London clubs Radio Egypt and 333, playing those tunes you know it’s so wrong to love...
Dublin’s own DJ KXB & DJ Se├ín John!

Get dolled up, honey - dance through the night at the wildest gin joint with the notorious and the strange...

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