Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School: Tank Girl and Booga

Some samples of the sketching skills demonstrated at last Saturday's Dr. Sketchy's Tank Girl and her Kangaroo-human-hybrid boyfriend special sessĂșn. The first image by Jonathan Byrne and the water colour by Aine Macken are my personal favourites. There were plenty more on the day, but not all of them have been digitalized. I sometimes find myself hating the plethora of photography, photographs and documentation technology in my environment; the illustrations make for a refreshing change, although I know for a fact that photographer Griff took some stunning photographs of the event. I was lamenting the transient 1990s dyke stylings I was rocking that day and Griff obliged me with some beautiful backstage portraits for the record. I'm really looking forward to seeing those images again.

I will be posing at the next Dr. Sketchy's event, The Black Rabbit Cabaret on Saturday March 12th.

Jonathan Byrne:
Andrew Keane:
Aine Macken:
Sarah Louise:

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