Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dublin Aerialists: Update

We got some big news today! Our proposal has been accepted by Dublin Fringe Festival 2011!
It's a big project and we are all really excited about it (secretly I'm battling inertia... but this opportunity is to be excited about) Why bother putting it in brackets? By putting it in brackets, is that like a whisper? So yeah, here's the deal, dreaded perfectionism! And the challenges of organising a big team and collaborating and seeing how far some of my most precious and secretly coveted ideas can be taken... that's the dreaded perfectionism. The precious ideas are sometimes better in one's head... it's always a risk to allow them a life outside of yourself. Keep Truckin'! Someone once said, and really this is the case. Just slog threw it. Excitement is the easy part, then comes the slog. Hopefully the slog will lead to more excitement, which, if I'm lucky will bring more creative, ambitious slog.

And so we train.

As much as we can.

But wait, something else is in the pipeline. A higgeldy piggledy kind of collaboration between us Dublin dwellers, Galway aerialists and possibly a Corkonian, and my first ever Aerial show. And what a grand debut! It's happening in a big top tent at the Phoenix Festival Tullamore, on the 7th and 8th of May. We will be mixing it up a little between things we are working on and characters we've strewn together, an adopted stage designer with big ideas and a few scraggly cabaret venturers to lead the chaos. Keep it Carny! Is another phrase I get told. Barny Carny is what it most likely shall be... (spot a Double Rainbow?)

Irish Aerialists
The Big Top
Phoenix Festival,
Tullamore, Co. Offaly
May 7th and 8th

This festival has now been CANCELLED due to Town Council politics and bureaucracy nonsense. Very unfortunate. I guess our aerial debut will just have to wait. Aww :(

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