Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Bizarre How Bizarre

How I ended up in a parno mag:

The mag in question being Bizarre Magazine (issue 175) with MOSH model sporting a latex bunny ear cap on the cover. Some photographers from the magazine came along to the Black Rabbit Cabaret, planning to feature the event in their party section. The two lady photographers weren't in a great mood, having us fill out a questionnaire hurriedly with oddly uninspiring questions: "What living celebrity would you go down the rabbit hole with"... I am not sure why, at that moment in time, I decided that Dylan Moran would be the best choice... WHAT? Yes, that is what the caption reads... "I'd love to disappear down a rabbit hole with Dylan Moran"... I see it now, Myself and Dylan doing 180 degree turns while falling like Alice through a Walt Disney rabbit hole attempting to make small talk. Why? What was it that night that inspired me to say Dylan Moran? It makes no sense. I think I just figured spending time down a hole with Bernard Black could be more interesting than most celebrities... not Katie Price? That would be hilarious. Hugh Jackman? sexy, but married. Uh, Lady Gaga? That could be good. Panti? Intimidating, but inspirational. Eh, oh what about Darren Aronofsky? Local celebrities? Bella A GoGo would probably be the most likely candidate. She always has everything you need; hot cross buns and butter, tea, glitter, pizzazz, dance moves, witticisms, stories. But Dylan Moran?

Bella's quote reads: "I'm a local girl, but here I'm a 1920s vamp!"

Anyway, the grumpy photographers gave two thumbs up for the Black Rabbit Cabaret, including a nice personal mention: "... Mister Joe Black led everyone down the rabbit hole (well, next door) to watch The Fitzrovia Radio Hour perform horror radio play Beware of the Dark before stunning model Blackbird posed for a Dr. Sketchy's session".

St. Blackbird will be performing the Passion at the next Dr. Sketchy's event (APRIL 30TH, 3-6pm), with models Spunky Gore (whos behind is pictured in the Black Rabbit party review) and Fawnya Frolic.

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