Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blackbird and Rufus: Tank Girl

Dublin's Tank Girl and her human-animal hybrid beau Booga at Dr. Sketchy's mentioned previously, as captured by the lovely and talented Peter Griffin of Griff Pics (see here). Well well well, something very interesting and exciting has occurred since all this Tank carry-on spirited me back to my punk lady roots! Who knew that the Tank Girl comics were alive and well, with a new team duo continuing the series in their own style. I was intrigued! The lovely and fascinating artist Rufus Dayglo and I have struck up a friendly correspondence and there seems to be potential for a future collaboration of some sort. In the meantime, I intend to interview him about his take on Tank Girl, the continuation of a comic book legacy and racking his brains for more joyous tales of beloved coffee houses, round the world travels and jumble finds.

The image below appears in black and white in Team Tank Girl's 'We hate TANK GIRL', but Rufus posted it in colour on his fbook. He describes it as the guide art for the painting done by his hero Gerry Talaoc, who he has collaborated with. Interesting story - he's full of interesting stories!

You can find out more at the following online addresses~:

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