Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cixous for Darklight

FRIDAY 29th OCTOBER, The Grand Social

Cixous has been forced into action by yet another invitation from Skinny Wolves (they are like, our only fans) to play support for the astounding Xiu Xiu and Former Ghosts as part of this years Darklight Film Festival. Wanting to develop the visual element of my Cixous experiments, this is the encouragement I need. I have a few ideas about what I am going to do on the night.

I have been working on a video for Your Our Narcissus (It's a play, it's a blog, it's a song but it's 'your' in this case and the song came first): a funfair as captured on a crap camera.

As a teenager, I had very particular associations with and adoration for the carnival; the suburban carnival that is, the fun fair. I was envious of the carnies, their crusty appearance and their nomadic lifestyle. To rival any giddy teenage fit, I had ecstatic bouts of laughter on the waltzers, they were my favourite. My best friend and I would go to the fun fair everyday after school to have one go on the waltzers. We'd fish for lost coins under the seats before the ride began and then, our faces pressed against the back of the cart as the relatively ugly but somehow appealing boy-carnie spun us around and around, we'd laughing to the point of pain and occasionally to the point of pissing our pants.

The carnival was important because our suburban school girl lives were tediously boring. The music I make with Cixous is a reflection of that time in many respects; the excitement of dance music, the release of dancing, the sensation of spinning round and round on a big machine and the unfamiliarity that it injected into our otherwise frustratingly unstimulating surroundings. Just as we found escape in the local disco or under our hoods or covers, in the darkness of our bedrooms with our head phones in and the music up loud, so too did we relish the moments of physical elation provided by the fair ground.

Unfortunately I have been musically cold recently and feeling quite detached from that mode of production, but last night, after working on my video for awhile, I stayed up real late, listened to some unfinished tracks and started writing something new, the first thing I have written in ages that I am actually pleased with. Now my natural inclination towards musical work calls me for more attention.

Here's to it!


  1. saw you'd been add to the list : ) , hoping to go to this if i can, looks like and a great line up. also your post reminded me of this something from my teenage past.

  2. A much seedier account than mine, but one of the best punk songs ever: "Ill win that Motley Crue mirror, If it fucking kills me!". We covered this one time in a one-night-only girl band called Generic Muff, with Amy from Queen Kong on vocals and me on drums. Kathleen Hannah sure has a way with words. Have you ever read the Bikini Kill fanzines? They are very clever.

  3. nope i havent got my hands on them, been looking at them on ebay and been tempted a few times. funderland was never that dark.

  4. You are more than welcome to photocopy mine. Funderland wasn't half as exciting as the carnival in the field behind yer house!

  5. came across this in Eason the other day, pretty cool: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780745644158/Zeros-Neighbour

    playin in Slattery's Rathmines next Fri if yr aboot

  6. Hey Rosary Beard! That book looks amazing. Funnily, I have a Beckettian (what a word "Beckettian"!) film project in the pipeline. Maybe I should acquire this book for research. The gig referred to above clashes with the Slattery's event - they invited me to play too... bummer. Really enjoyed it last year! You back in town then? Should convene somewhere.

  7. yep, tho not sure if i can afford to stay in Dub or not... would love to but grim Donegal is looking more likely for Nov-Dec til i get some money together. i'll be up &down to the city tho, we should meet up alrite. hope the gig goes well

  8. Yours too. Drop me an email when you are about.