Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You're Our Narcissus ON STAGE

I am thrilled, delighted and happy happy happy to announce that my play has been accepted for a rehearsed reading in Draíocht Theatre in Blanchardstown on the 28th November 2010.

Having been born'n'reared in Da Blanch, I was eligible for a writing competition of sorts based in the local theatre a number of months ago. More than a competition, Write Here Write Now was established as an initiative to mobilize writers in Dublin 15, specifically for the stage. Fishamble theatre company (Gavin Kostick) teamed up with Draíocht (Emer McGowan) to host a series of workshops to enable people from the local area to write a play, 5 of which would be chosen for a public rehearsed reading with a professional cast of actors and a director (Annabelle Comyn).

The play that I subsequently wrote inspired this blog and shares the title: You're Our Narcissus. It concerns two women in their early 20s, their creativity, the negotiations of loneliness, the desire for adventure, release, shedding of institutions, anger at authority, their need for dangerous encounters with strangers and what is to come. It was heavily inspired by an aspiration to create a multi-media stage production and features original music. The initial idea was for a short movie, but without any dialogue! So I created some devices to enable my favourite sort of schizoid ranting. It is the residue of my teenage self... be warned. HAHAHA!

You're Our Narcissus
28th November
Draíocht, Blanchardstown


  1. hey thats great congrats!!!
    Emer is super lovely to work with too.

  2. Thanks Bollo! Gonna record it and have it up on my new website which is being done at the moment and should be up soon, so you can see the product online at some point. Emer is sound yeah, you have worked with her before then?