Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gallagher's Tightrope walker

I've recently started a collaboration with film maker (and fellow fragmented creative) Bob Gallagher. We are planning a number of video projects together, some for me and some for him and all for both of us and others. He also supplies me with delicious gluten free bread. These are some stills from a short movie he is making where I star as a doomed (comically inept in my case) tightrope walker who exists in a mysterious world of jealousy and tragedy. These are from an initial technical shoot we had earlier this week, the final video will be shot in stages in the near future. The end product will be a music video for Midnight Burlectro star guitarist Leanne Harte.

(Above, Edgar Degas' beautiful tightrope walker)

Here's Bob's cool show reel:

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