Sunday, February 27, 2011

On matters visual.

This weekend Robyn of electronic band Catscars celebrated the launch of her debut, self recorded album entitled, 'Construction'. During the Summer a few years ago, Robyn and Niamh (a.k.a. Angkorwat) spent an afternoon letting me boss them around while I took photos and videos on the roof of my house, an image of which is featured in the sleeve of the record. The video became visuals for my Cixous Ghost project as posted about here. It's been ages since I've taken any photos or had time for film making, but I'm currently resurrecting a few video projects from the last two years and giving them an airing.

Lisa's Binding Television, a video piece created in collaboration with Jane Austen R.I.P. (Angeline Chirnside and second member of Avanti Maria!) featuring performer and activist Lisa Connell, will be screened as part of 'Turn The Light On' one day art and film festival taking place on the 6th of March in the Exchange, Dublin.

Here's the blurb:

A video piece with numerous soundtracks, Lisa's Binding Television (2010) was originally filmed in collaboration with musician Jane Austen R.I.P. as visual accompaniment for two shows in Japan and her native New Zealand. The film depicts Lisa Connell, a drag and cabaret performer and a gay rights activist, binding and unbinding her breasts in a ritualistic fashion as is common for male impersonators in preparation for performance. Edited to the rhythms of a random playlist, snippets of the editing process are accidentally captured in the final cut, emphasising the various synchronous possibilities of interaction between visual and audio and the organic interconnection of both.

Lisa's Binding Television
by Emily Aoibheann
The Exchange, Dublin
March 6th, from 10am
Screenings from 14.30pm until 15.20pm (provisional)

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