Monday, February 21, 2011

Tank!: Process

You may remember Stephen Coffee from Blackbird's Tattooed Lady project mentioned here. Well, the little genius has gathered the IADT student model maker troops, including his fellow students John Daly, Clare Byrne and Paddy Hoyne, to help us performer folk out for Bella's Steampunk Night happening this Friday at the Sugar Club. The Institute of Art, Design and Technology brainiacs have not only put their hand to creating some extraordinary props for two of Azaria Starfire's acts, but have gone out of their way to provide Dublin's Tank Girl (that's me in case you didn't realise) with amazing explosive pasties, armory, bullet accessories and well... an actual tank! (small as it may be).

Hand crafted by the fairly bloody clever Paddy Hoyne (previously, incorrectly, ashamedly accredited to another person who didn't make any tanks...), you gotta check this baby out!

Wow! Girl got a Tank.

Having adopted the somehow fitting title of Black Rat Productions, I do believe we may have a few far reaching and aspiring creative gems on our hands. Keep a cinematic and theatrical eye on these imaginative dynamos. In the meantime:

Bella's Steampunk Show
25th Feb 2011
The Sugar Club
Doors at 8pm

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