Saturday, August 6, 2011

Impromptu photoshoot: Kyrstin Healy

There have been two promotional opportunities sent my way via the ABSOLUT Fringe offices recently, which have required head shots - no funny stuff, no costumes, just little ol' me. No glitz, no glamour, just straight up - that's her. I find it endlessly humourous that in the vast galleries of my face and figure which exist, of all the photographers I have worked with, of all the photoshoots I've done of myself, I have not ONE straight forward head shot, no costumes, no madness, no 'just' Emily. 'Yes', I thought when the first opportunity came about, 'I have millions of good photos just waiting for a printed home', sending on a reel of colourful, action shots and funny poses. 'Thanks Emily pics are great' Conleth said, 'but do you have any of you in your everyday clothes?'...

Everyday clothes?
No believe it or not, I don't.

Only upside down, swinging from trees, painted with tattoos, slicing a pair of stripy nylons off, dumping a box of Special K over my head or that one of me floating in space - but I can't say I'm wearing everyday clothes in any of those.

I quickly passed that particular promo op onto another PaperDoll, but when the problem presented itself a second time, I knew I needed to call an emergency impromptu photoshoot and get some good, wholesome, head and shoulders Emmo shots for just such occasions. So I called on Kyrstin Healy, a photographer I have been meaning to shoot with for a good while now and thankfully she was all for it. We got the portraits done quickly, but it was during the uploading process from camera to computer that things started to go a little technologically awry...

Photo: Kyrstin Healy

I guess my will for bizarre, ridiculous and generally more interesting visual imagery has begun influencing even the hardware of my environment! Excellent. But still, if you want to see the successful head and shoulders, plain ol' Emmo photo that Kyrstin and myself created this morning, keep an eye out for the Irish Indo's A Question of Culture column in the coming weeks where you can read the answers to those questions I'm sure you've always wanted to ask me:

Favourite aerialist/acrobatic performer? (living or dead). Why?
The best stage production (acrobatic or otherwise) you've ever seen? Why?
Craziest experience so far while performing?
Favourite band? Why?
Best concert/gig you've ever seen? Why?
Your desert island discs and why them?
Favourite book? Why?
Last book you read and loved? Why?
The book you could never make it through? Why?
Favourite film? Why?
Last film you saw and loved? Why?
Last film you saw and hated? Why?
Favourite TV show? Why?
Favourite radio show or presenter. Why?
Favourite website? Why?
Favourite city/country? Why?
Favourite food/restaurant. Why?
Wine or beer?
Cultural blindspot?

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