Monday, August 1, 2011

PaperDolls Process.

Paper Dolls have been hard hard hard at work since receiving the good news four months ago (only four months! Wooh what a lot has happened in 4 months!) that our show would be programmed as part of ABSOLUT Fringe, 2011.

We had a huge learning curve running up to and during our show Eccentric Ladies of the Woods at Body&Soul festival and that was just the beginning of the huge challenge that we've taken upon ourselves and what happy workers we are! It's been seriously intense, but we are emerging stronger, happier and more capable than ever before.

Myself and Elaine at Body&Soul: photo Ella Burke - love the colour!

I'm also feeling more positive about my creativity than I have in a good while. Through this rewarding hard work (having a significant goal to work towards really helps), my perspectives are changing, evolving, expanding. I'm finding now that with each threshold of learning, I become more attuned to my creative, happy, focused, confident self.

As I wrote to my friendly associate GRIFF earlier:
Something happened where I reached a stress peak just before the Steampunk show and once that was over, I felt so able and capable and good to go and deal with stress and people and take one thing at a time and trust that what I'm doing is worthwhile, and people will be interested in it. I'm happy happy happy.

Niamh and Elaine at Bella's Steampunk show
Photo: Mandy O'Neill

The response to our project and our work has been utterly positive, supportive and genuine. The people we have been working with along the way, who have been helping us, have been incredibly generous with their time, equipment, skills, talents, care and craft.

Photographer Will Eames, who I have done so much quality work with, was invited to take our press shots and we proceeded to complete three very worthwhile shoots. He's a talented one! Here's a picture I took of Will with Niamh, Elaine and Karen during a shoot at the Complex, Smithfield.
And here are some of the results, the rest can be seen on our

We had our first complete, everyone in together group meeting last week and boy was that exciting! 20 people in a room getting really excited and conversing and brainstorming and planning the one project. It was fantastic to see our entire team sit in a big circle, to meet in person and introduce everyone. It's like a big gang - it's fantastic!

Some of our team at the launch of ABSOLUT Fringe. All sporting the PaperDoll eye-make up!
And below, an important maze construction meeting at the Complex, Smithfield.

We've been having LOADS of fun too!

Appearing on the front page of the Metro on July 21st:

Getting ready for the ABSOLUT Fringe Launch:

Having a creative meeting at the Lab on Foley Street:

Paying homage to the Diceman:

Niamh demonstrating some hoop moves for Tara from Totally Dublin.

More blogs on our process to come so keep an eye out.
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