Friday, November 12, 2010

Butcher Queers.

Months ago, Will St. Leger invited me to contribute to the fanzine Butcher Queers (written about previously), for which he is responsible, as compiler and curator. I was absolutely flabbergasted and overjoyed to be invited to contribute to this publication, no exaggeration. Butcher Queers is a brilliant fanzine, with content that has impacted upon me for months sometimes. The last issue was totally sexy, with beautiful nude boys and hot animal hybrids (my favourite). Coincidentally so, for the forthcoming issue I have written about a beautiful boy familiar to some of you who read this blog, Narcissus and all that the Narcissistic myth has evoked in me. I have also submitted a number of photographs, which I'm really excited to see in print!

Writing this article for Butcher Queers was a tremendous challenge. Sometimes my creative fragmentation is troublesome. When I gotta write I don't feel like a writer, when I gotta drum I don't feel like a drummer and so forth. But as per usual, synchronicity worked its magic and I was provided with what I needed. A late night conversation, a little more time and a few more life experiences and I was ready to comment in writing about something that matters greatly to me, as an individual and as a performer. I really hope some of you come to the launch, pick up the magazine (of which there are only 1000 individually numbered copies) or download a pdf version from

The magazine launch is taking place on:

Thursday 25th November,
Panti Bar, Capel Street.


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