Friday, November 12, 2010

Nicky Teegan's Crude Music.


This project is concerned with our fundamental need for communication. The hand built instruments act as a vehicle to link people together through the use of sound experimentation. It serves as a tool in building temporary autonomous communities and permanently binding them together on this single document.

The instrument is passed amongst different individuals for a certain period of time, in which the user can create a unique composition that will be recorded onto a cassette tape. The instrument will then be passed onto another user, alongside the original tape. They will be given the same instructions to use the instrument for the same period of time.

When a new composition is recorded it will be edited back onto the first tape and passed onwards, creating layers of sound, and bringing the lines of communication closer together. The overlaying compositions will be edited together to create one unique composition. As it will be all recorded onto one cassette tape, the composition will also have phantom sounds of the past recordings within the tape. The project is designed to evolve through each new user.

All tapes are edited together and all of the people involved will be posted the final edited cassette tape will be posted to each contributor.

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