Monday, November 8, 2010

Cannibalistic cupid: Love is...

Some great images from Lolita Lush's Gorlesque show which happened on the 28th October just in time for Halloween! They don't depict the climax of the narrative, but I'll tell you now it got appropriately gory when things turned nasty for ol red winged Death... As far as the audience was concerned I was eating a real heart, from a cow or something. Awesomely effective heart cake courtesy of Siobhán and Epiphany DeMeanour who appears here as Death itself. Believe me, being embraced in her inspired Isis wing-costume was highly evocative. There were a few technical hitches, and naughty Kate Turner snapped me doing my quick change behind Epiphany's cloak... erp! Cheeky photographers!

I'm noticing I have very elongated hands and feet. What Mother has called 'Italian toes'. I think I look like an amphibian in these images, an oceanic human-hybrid. The Italian-toed, feather-winged Cupid fish. Hah.

Photos by Ross Waldron, Karin Hammer and Kate Turner

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