Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Somethin' Specials!

Somethin' Specials from Meabh Redmond on Vimeo.

Somethin' Specials was an all-female live group performance devised by artists Meabh Redmond & Niamh Murphy and was co-curated by Amanda Coogan for The Straylight Performance Weekender as part of the Darklight Film Festival 2009.

The piece was developed in collaboration with twenty performers, a mixture of actors and non-actors and was the result of the process of call and repeat. This method asks that the learning of the piece be by the repetition of an audio recording rather than from a written script. The piece was built using a minute long audio sample taken from a How-to-learn-New-York-accents CD and was performed on Smithfield Plaza for the opening of the festival in October 2009.

2.13 and 2.33 babies!

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